Mellanox SN2100 Promo

ToR (Top of Rack)
The SN2100 is the ideal top of rack (ToR) switch, allowing maximum flexibility and enabling full rack connectivity to any server at any speed, meeting for the growing demands of today’s database, storage, and data center environments.


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We are so confident that the SN2100 is the perfect fit, we are putting our money where our mouth is. For a limited time only, we are offering a $4,000 USD rebate on your first SN2100 switch purchase.

When ordering through Alpha Net Communications you will receive an additional 5% off on your first SN2100 switch purchase. Offer good until December 31, 2016.

Key Features:

·         Wire Speed Switching / Routing

• Up to 3.2Tb/s
• Up to 4.76B packets-per-second

·         High Density

• Up to 32 40/56/100GbE ports
• Up to 64 10/25GbE ports, up to 64 50GbE ports

·         Lowest Latency

• 300nsec for 100GbE
• Flat latency across L2 and L3 forwarding
• Cut-through latency between ports in different speeds Lowest Power

·         Lowest Power

• under 5.2 watts per port

·         VM running user applications

·         Integral Layer 2 and Layer 3 support

• IPv4 and IPv6

·         Mellanox NEO Cloud Networking Orchestration and Management

• Maintain from 1 to 1000’S nodes and switches
• Centralized configuration and management of the data center


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