IP Office Features and Applications




Mobile Twinning This is a typical application for customer-facing staff who have an office with a telephone extension, but are often out on the road. The employee only needs to provide his customers with his office extension number. Calls are indicated in the office and on his mobile or DECT telephone. Mobile telephones can also be defined as twinning destinations when deskphones are not logged in (e.g. virtual extensions). Calls can even seamlessly be transferred from desktop phone to mobile and vice-versa. Mobile Call Control This application allows a mobile user to accept a twinning call on a mobile device, use DTMF codes to hold the call and use the features of IP Office just like any other IP Office user. one-X® Mobile With Avaya one-X® Mobile, IP Office supports “Single Mode” clients, using selected Nokia/Symbian, Apple iPhone OS Client or Windows Mobile 5 and 6 handsets. This provides a graphical interface for call control and allows a one-number service for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Avaya one-X® Portal

one-X® Portal for IP Office is an application that lets users control their telephones from a networked PC. one-X® Portal for IP Office is a browser-based server solution and allows users to access telephony functions such as call management, conferences, speed dial, call logs, telephone directories, voicemail, instant messaging and presence availability. one-X® Portal can be used with all IP Office phone interfaces (analogue, digital, IP, wireless).


Text-to-speech allows emails to be read over the telephone or lets callers access database information in different languages.

Video softphone

Users can use a USB webcam connected to a PC to make video calls using the video softphone.

Avaya Video Conferencing Solution

Straightforward, cost-effective and flexible video-conferencing solutions, from single-seat to systems for larger conference rooms with several monitors, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections. AVCS is designed for operation in the IP Office with up to 4 participants, and in the entire SCN network with up to 32 locations. The benefits for customers are clear to see, with immediate reduction in travel expenses by reducing the cost of business travel, business processes and decision-making allowing sales to be expedited as the time needed for travel is eliminated.

Customer Call Reporter (CCR) Call Center

IP Office Customer Call Reporter is a server-based Contact-Center solution specifically developed for small companies. CCR is completely web-based and can very easily be installed on a server without the need for any client software deployment. • Browser-based tool for managing and controlling customer service levels. • Track and record agent and supervisor workload. • Create real-time and historical reports in a variety of formats. • Target segment: small companies with fewer than 30 agents. • Wall-board can be modified according to customer requirements. • Report Scheduler.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Your telephone rings and your PC shows who is calling. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the missing link between your communications system and your business applications. IP Office supports the open CTI standards. This means that a wide range of third-party solutions can gain access to IP Office. For example, vertical solutions that help you meet industry requirements. IP Office offers CTI solutions: CTI Link Lite – Free, supports all required functions for a range of applications, including screen-popping and many third-party products. CTI Link Pro – Supports advanced features including the option to control several telephones and access to call centre operations.

SoftConsole for Receptionist

SoftConsole is the PC-based Windows Operator Console for IP Office aimed at receptionists. Operators have to handle hundreds of calls every day. This call management application is therefore extremely efficient, and absolutely vital. Incoming calls are shown on the screen along with the status of calls on hold and transferred calls. Receptionists can easily see which parties are busy, available or not at their desk. That allows them to route calls quickly and effectively. SoftConsole can be minimized when not in use, but will pop up on the screen when a call is received.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging (UMS) allows users to synchronise email and voicemail between the VoiceMail Pro Server and email clients. It provides users with two choice of interfaces through which voicemail messages can be received from VoiceMail Pro. Voice Mail Synchronisation via IMAP Email applications such as Outlook, which support IMAP, can connect to the IMAP server on which the VoiceMail Pro server is running. When a voicemail is received by the email client as a .WAV attachment, it is handled like every other email. Once the voicemail message has been heard, its status is set to read. When it is deleted, it is removed from the VoiceMail Pro server too. VoiceMail Pro Web Access The UMS licence also provides a web interface giving users the option to access the VoiceMail Pro server via a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Users can listen to voicemail messages using PC speakers or their deskphone.

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