IP Office improves productivity


Putting together your Unified Communications solution is child’s play. It takes just four steps:

A - Select the system and telephones you want

Communication system

How many sites do you have? One, or several? Do you want to perfect your customer service? With IP Office laying the groundwork, you can add as many different applications and subscribers as you need. Whether you have two employees, two hundred or more, IP Office is the right choice for you.


IP Office supports a wide range of different telephones. These devices are designed for many different applications. And to ensure your colleagues can carry on working outside the office, all you need is a broadband Internet connection at the remote end and a VPN gateway connected to your IP Office system.

B - Decide which edition best meets your needs

Essential Edition Includes: Integrated voicemail, 2 channels (scalable to 6) The foundation of your office communications solution • Available around the clock: A personalised voicemail greeting for each employee increases customer loyalty. • Ability to send voicemail to email improves employee productivity. • Automated Attendant: Incoming calls are directed to the right person using straightforward rules. • Dial By Name - Using your internal directory, callers can easily search the person they wish to connect with via touch tone. Preferred Edition Includes: VoiceMail Pro licence, 4 channels (scalable to 40) Improved reaction capabilities and productivity With IP Office Preferred Edition, you get everything that’s in the Essential Edition, plus: • Secure “Meet-Me” conferencing: Faster decision-making and better team work. The integrated conferencing features allow all participants to organise their own password-protected conference calls with up to 64 participants. • Intelligent call routing: A number of programmable options that ensure your customers can quickly reach the right person for their call. • Call recording: Built-in automatic and on-demand call recording is a great way to keep tabs on your business operations, deal with disputed orders and help you train your staff. • Increased voicemail capacity helps improve availability. Advanced Edition Includes: Customer Call Reporter (CCR) Server with one Supervisor licence and numerous reporting functions Perfect customer communications and service Requires Preferred Edition. In addition to the features of the Preferred Edition you also get: • Real-time customer service management: Detailed reports are available at all times, giving you immediate warning of critical call levels being exceeded enabling you to take swift action to ensure your service levels do not fall. • Call recording library: Easily archive all recorded calls and seamlessly search and replay any conversation. • Ability to access information: Check order status and more using Integrated Voice Response (IVR) services.

C - Select your optional extras

• Contact Store (call recording with functions to search by date and time) • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) • Cordless telephones: DECT R4, Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) • Multi-site option: Small Community Network (SCN) Supports up to 32 locations and 1000 employees

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